Flying Joy

Wisdom from my 5-year-old: When flying in a small plane, it is important to give your dolls a headset and let them see out the window, too!

Moments like this make me smile at being a pilot dad.

A week ago, I also got to give 8 children and one adult their first ever ride in any kind of airplane, through EAA’s Young Eagles program. I got to hear several say, “Oh wow! It’s SO beautiful!” “Look at all the little houses!”

And my favorite: “How can I be a pilot?”

18 thoughts on “Flying Joy

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog and your thoughts for many years now, long enough to see your older boys grow up. I’m very, very glad that you’re still posting and sharing, and consider your blog a real shining example of the best of the old-school internet. You were certainly ahead of the curve on the fediverse!

  2. My comment is on a similar tone to Mat’s — although socially scoped πŸ˜‰
    I miss the days when many of us used Planet Debian to keep an eye on the social development of people in the project, when we didn’t communicate just the technical stuff, or each person on their niche. You are also a big actor there: Even though IIRC we have only met once, and over a decade ago (in DebConf10, NYC), I feel I shared important moments of your life, and have very much enjoyed your life-story, if it’s OK to regard it as such πŸ˜‰
    Online communities should focus on being _people_ community before anything else. And you are an amazing person to know.

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