Quick MythTV update

My MythTV system is now mostly complete. My Biostar motherboard had a defective TV out, so it was sent in and now the TV out is working. I’ll post a more complete update in the next few days. In short, Biostar = bad, Albatron = good.

Also, had a fun adventure stringing some cat5 cable to the part of our house where our TV is. After sawing through the floor to get to the previously-inaccessible crawlspace, we found, among other things, a working wire stripper, pipes connected to nothing, and lots and lots of spider webs.

And my latest book project is just about complete. I’ll have some news there too in a day or two.

3 thoughts on “Quick MythTV update

  1. I’m enjoying your MythTV discussions. I’m considering something of that sort myself. I’ve run cable in lots of places and found old glass fire exit signs among other things above ceilings and pipes that lead up into solid cement. :-)

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