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The Reactionary Pedestrian

July 9th, 2005, No Comments

Living On Earth did a segment about the Reactionary Pedestrian. He tried to walk the 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine, and wound up walking 3,000 miles just to get to Georgia. He attempts to walk across the Huey Long Bridge, but is stopped by a Louisiana State Police officer, who told him there is […]

Kansas Weather

June 23rd, 2005, No Comments

So, we’ve made it through the Kansas monsoon/unpredictable season. The flooding, tornadoes, lightning damage, hail, etc. stayed mostly south of us this year, though the ice storn hit us hard this winter. Now it’s time for the boring weather season. The boring weather season occurs when there is no need to give a 7-day forecast […]

Kansas: Not As Dry As You Think

June 10th, 2005, No Comments

Well, not after what happened on Wednesday night, anyway. I particularly liked the bit about somebody getting their car stuck in the high water over the road — while authorities were rescuing another person stuck in the same spot.

The State Park We Didn’t Visit

May 11th, 2005, 6 Comments

Near the beautiful Kanpolis State Park, which we did visit, is Mushroom Rock State Park, which we did not visit. According to my maps, Mushroom Rock State Park consists of the following things: A rock A toilet It’s the smallest state park in Kansas, spanning all of 5 acres. On the official KDWP photo gallery […]

Don’t Live Here

February 11th, 2005, 3 Comments

Cliff has a great photo or two in his “why you don’t want to live in Nebraska” series. I never posted photos from our recent Kansas ice storm, so I figured I should show you why you don’t want to live in Kansas, either. These are from our recent ice storm: First up, the view […]

Stupid Ice Storm Activities

January 6th, 2005, No Comments

These are all real. Local radio station KZSN told people to go to their website to get a list of Red Cross shelters available for people without power, but did not read the list on the air. They then repeated that message several times. Also, to get the list, you have to ignore the giant […]

New Giant Sea Creature?

July 2nd, 2003, No Comments

According to a CNN article, a giant unknown sea creature has been found on the coast of Chile. It’s sometimes interesting that there’s a lot lurking out there that we don’t know about yet.

Scaring Swedes the Coleman Way

February 22nd, 2003, No Comments

After recently writing about a Coleman lantern, I figured I had to post a link to this funny review of a gas lantern. Apparently it’s quite the novelty in Sweden and people are rather frightened of them…

Lighting the 1901 Way

February 22nd, 2003, No Comments

After a recent visit to the Coleman factory outlet and museum in Wichita, I was struck by how good the 1901 solution to the lighting problem still works today. I purchased one of Coleman’s new North Star Dual Fuel lanterns. It costs 5 to 10 cents per hour to operate and can use standard unleaded […]

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