Day To Day Canceled!

December 10th, 2008

Today there is an article in the New York Times about cutbacks at NPR, including one of their best programs, Day To Day. Not a good move move, NPR.

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  1. Baloo Uriza

    Even worse yet: For whatever reason, on Sirius Satellite radio, NPR doesn’t run Morning Edition at all. WTF?


    Ben Reply:

    Can’t allow them to cannibalize their local ‘member’ stations audiences with the 2 most popular shows also being carried on satellite. That is why there’s no All Things Considered on Sirius XM, too.


  2. Maria

    I’m one of those listeners who has never been wild about DTD, which usurped the second hour of Talk of the Nation for us in Minneapolis & environs. DTD struck me as sort of a USA Today styled program– the second hour of TOTN is generally lighter topics anyway, but its tone was less “pop” than DTD. I’m excited to get TOTN back in its entirety!


  3. Jules

    I do not like DTD at all. i say good riddance. The topics were never particularly hard hitting. They seemed behind the times, embarrassingly so. Why today they *just* did a story about “Pro-Anorexia” sites. Hi, 2001 called and wants it’s news item back. They didn’t realize how to make themselves relevant. In addition they spend a lot of time talking about how terrible the economy, like 90% of the rest of public radio. And their money person Michelle Singletary is just ridiculous. “Pay your bills on time!’ Gee, really Michelle. That simple?


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