2 thoughts on “You Know You’re In Kansas When…

  1. I will have to see what your geek wife is up to. I didn’t know terah’s background.
    And for sure I don’t know what BoF stands for. ‘F’ for female?

    Ham radio people use a lot of abbreviations, YL is for ‘young lady,’ XYL is for a married lady.

    You wrote a nice story about the telephone and the company. Will it be in your local paper?

  2. Catching 3 posts at once here John.
    1. Don’t let Terah get too techie on me. She’s the one I can always understand.
    2.I loved your phone post. I grew up with such a system. The neighbors could listen in without making a click. It was strictly disallowed at our house.
    Everyone would call the operator to find out if this or that was cancelled or where the fire was.

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