Baby Yoda

November 15th, 2010

Shifting gears from serious tractor injury stuff to the more humorous…

We’re all used to seeing Yoda 900 years old. I’ve noticed over the past couple of months that Oliver, while eating supper, seems to resemble a 1-year-old Yoda. So I got out my camera one evening, with the results below:


Or this “what’s so hard about lifting an X-wing” pose?


And of course:


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  1. plopp

    Wow… this has been really missed on Debian Planet before….


  2. Iñigo

    Hahaha nice !

    Baby Yoda ++ :P


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    [...] were about more everyday, ordinary events of life. Jacob loved the switchbox he and I built, Oliver somtimes acts like Yoda, and they both loved camping. I have made probably way too many posts with photos of them last [...]

  4. allan

    this reminds me of when yoda was going through lukes stuff, acting really childish like a baby or child and saying, mine mine mine


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