It’s finally here

You’re probably wondering what “it” is. Maybe you have a few guesses:

Spring? Nope.

The next version of Debian? Guess again.

Winter? Getting closer.

Yes, it really is here. That season known as the Kansas springtime winter storm blizzard/monsoon season.

Today is the first day of spring. Most of Kansas is seeing its worst winter storm of the season today. Parts of the state are expecting 14″ of snow. Here we just had sleet and steady rain for 2 days.

I’m sure that in a few days, it’ll be dry again. But every so often, once or twice a year, we get one of those days where we have 6″ of rain (or more) in about 12 hours. Then we sit dry for several months.

Kansas weather happens only in extremes, it seems.

One thought on “It’s finally here

  1. Glad to hear you’re finally getting some ‘normal’ weather. It takes a lot of extremes to average out to normal. Under this logic, it would seem we have a normal family.

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