The OS Quiz

Sigh, I’m not Debian:

You are OS X. You tend to be fashionable and clever despite being a bit transparent.  Now that you've reached some stability you're expecting greater popularity.
Which OS are You?

So yeah this is old, but it’s funny.

My favorite question was:

Your spouse complains about a large painting on your living room wall which is hanging crooked. Do you:

  • Move the painting so the top-edge is flush with the ceiling, ensuring it’s level.
  • Bust out your toolbox, complete with laser-level, chalk-line, square, plumb-bob, and pneumatic brad-nailer, and form a committee on the best approach to fixing it.
  • State that the deviance from level is well within desired parameters.
  • Tilt all other wall-hangings and furniture to match the pitch.
  • Tell him/her to go get you another beer.

Scary thing is, I really do have a laser level, and really do use it to align things hanging on the wall…

3 thoughts on “The OS Quiz

  1. I tried to take the quiz but I didn’t understand all of the questions & wasn’t willing to spend the hours it would take to figure them out! So, they said I was GNU/HURD because I didn’t answer all the questions. Sigh.

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