Back when I first got my digital camera (a Canon Digial Rebel), I knew I had to find some sort of program to keep track of my photos. I looked at many different programs on Linux, but none of them really did what I wanted. I’ve used some iView software on the Mac some times. While it can do what I want, its database is proprietary, which annoys me. It means, among other things, I can’t write my own programs to pull data from that database.

Lately I’ve been checking out the Linux photo management scene again, and I’ve got to say that digiKam is quite the impressive piece of work.

It has a versatile database, nice interface, and loads of features. Its database uses sqlite, so writing my own programs to work with it will be a snap. I’ve been using version 0.7.x, and it looks like the 0.8.x beta will address all of my few remaining complaints.

I’m moving everything over to digiKam.

Kudos to the digiKam deveopers.

6 thoughts on “Digikam

  1. Do you put your pictues on a web gallery ?


    jgoerzen Reply:

    Not yet, for most of them. But Digikam has some Web plugins, so I’ll be posting some links here in the next few days.


    Anonymous Reply:

    In fact I ask you that, because I’m interested in an integration of drupal and gallery2


    jgoerzen Reply:

    I’m not planning to go that way, but Google for drupal gallery. Looks like people are doing that.

    Anonymous Reply:

    Yes it looks very nice :) And digikam which use kipi plugins will be able to manage gallery2 gallery

    Chris Samuel Reply:

    There is no support for accessing Gallery2 remotely in the kipiplugins module yet – see KDE bug 96352.

    If you’ve a KDE bugzilla account it’s well worth voting for..


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