Quiet Midwesterner or Galactic Warrior?

Terah and I have become big fans of the SciFi channel series Stargate SG-1. It’s an excellent show.

But there’s something uncanny — one of the characters on the show, Jacob Carter, closely resembles a person I used to work for, Marty Morrow. I notice this every time Jacob Carter appears on Stargate SG-1. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. You decide!

Jacob Carter Marty Morrow
Often home late from work due to life-threating situations with murderous aliens Often home late from work due to meetings with venture capitalists
Recurring character on popular Sci-Fi series Recurring character in popular Indiana startups
Uses interstellar communication devices Has a blog
Visits Earth periodically Visits Nebraska periodically
Fearlessly attacks the Goa’uld (evil aliens) Fearlessly attacks foosball tables
Pet peeve: stargate malfunctions delay trip to another planet Pet peeve: waiting on the tarmac at airports
11 letters in name 11 letters in name
Friends crack jokes about his lack of hair Employees crack jokes about his lack of hair

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