Recent Coding

I’ve been busy coding lately. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • A Haskell binding to OpenLDAP. I’ve got the groundwork laid (I can connect and bind to a LDAP server by now). Next up: searching. After that, the rest should be fairly easy. ETA about 1 week. Development sources: fetch with darcs get See also the related haskell-cafe thread.
  • Packaged up and uploaded hsffig to Debian. hsffig will parse C .h files and automatically generate Haskell bindings and prototypes for them. It requires zero human assistance. Very, very, very cool. A little rough yet, but this is exciting stuff. Check out the source package with darcs get
  • Packaged up and uploaded libcdk5, the latest version of the Curses Development Kit (CDK). CDK is a much more high-level tool than ncurses, and lets you say things like “show a dialog box” instead of “draw a border from 3,20 to 3,70 and make it gray”. Check out Debian source package with darcs get
  • Updated my MissingH Haskell library so it now builds and runs properly on Windows platforms. I now remember how much I detest them. (Urgh, drive letters complicate path manipulation in millions of annoying ways.)

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