Energy policy? What energy policy?

So am I the only one that thinks that our (American) energy policy is absolutely, completely insane?

We all know we have some problems:

  • Environmental damange and global warming
  • Rising oil costs and dwindling oil supply
  • Dependence on foreign energy sources

So, what did our great stewards of democracy in Washington decide to do?

Well, first they approved massive subsidies for oil companies. Next, they decided to spend money researching underwater oil drilling. They put all their effort into getting a little bit of oil out of Alaska. And they sign some sort of treaty that really commits nobody to anything with India, China, Australia, and some other people.

So, I want to go up there and ask them:

You are doing all of this WHY???

The world is going to be moving away from oil, and the sooner we join it, the better.

Otherwise, instead of depending on Saudi oil, we will depend on Japanese hybrids and Chinese solar panels, because nobody here cared to spend money to research non-oil products.

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