Today’s Reading

Two articles from Slashdot on patent reform. Microsoft seems to be one of the guud guys here, ironically enough. First, there’s an article about their general counsel lecturing about patent reform, suggesting steps to make it easier to comment on patent submissions and more difficult to obtain win about a patent infringement in court. An InfoWorld story goes on about similar things.

Next, a story about women leaving IT. Apparently, women have been leaving the sector quite rapidly. The story points to quite a few potential reasons. Though they all would have seemed to be equally valid 5 years ago, and don’t really explain why things are worse now.

Here’s a Guardian article looking back on the tech bubble burst. 5 years ago today marked the highpoint on the Nasdaq.

GHC 6.4 (Haskell compiler) was released yesterday. WOOHOO! More details in my post on The Haskell Sequence.

Finally, two Asterisk-related articles from O’Reilly: part 1 and part 2.

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