Don’t Live Here

Cliff has a great photo or two in his “why you don’t want to live in Nebraska” series. I never posted photos from our recent Kansas ice storm, so I figured I should show you why you don’t want to live in Kansas, either. These are from our recent ice storm:

First up, the view from our porch:

Read on for more…

Kansas grass is unusually hearty:

Our driveway, after I had cleared all the debris from it:

The side of our house. That thing you see under the icy branches is, ironically, our air conditioner.

We weren’t the only ones with trouble. That power line in the background is holding up that big branch.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Live Here

  1. Wow John, between Marty’s news and these devastating pics I’m about ready for counciling. Some people describe ice storms as ‘pretty’ but these photos show some nasty stuff to me. Regards C

    1. Thanks, Cliff. We’re fine, had no major damage, though I’m still dragging off branches from our yard on Saturdays. Two days after the storm, right at daybreak, it was beautiful for a few minutes. The sun came up and reflected off the ice. These pictures were mostly taken just before that.

      The day after the storm, it was really dismal-looking. It was gray, foggy, icy, and cold everywhere.

      But, wait a month or two and I’ll get you a photo of one of our wonderful Kansas sunsets. It’s the kind of sunset that people in westerns would have gone off into, had they really filmed the westerns here :-)

      I was sad to read about Quovix closing. I don’t know if you ever knew, but I worked at Quovix. It was really a great place to be.

  2. This morning, we closed on the sale of the house we’ve been in since 2002.

    We’re excited about Grandpa’s farmhouse that we’re having renovated, and it will be great when we get to move in there in December or January.

    But it’s sad to leave the place

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