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Ethics for the Robot Age at Wired. Less interesting than the author thinks, perhaps, but some questions of robots competing with humans for resources are interesting.

Novell’s Major Filesystems in Linux appendix for Suse. Surprisingly lucid, and with solid explanations of why JFS, XFS, and ReiserFS are all less reliable than ext3fs in data=ordered mode. I wasn’t certain about XFS, but by now knew the answer for JFS and Reiser3. It appears that Reiser4 may equal or exceed ext3 data=ordered semantics in terms of reliability. ext3 is just not practical for me; it gets very slow for large files or directories, especially compared to JFS or ReiserFS. At the same time, it looks like JFS may gain these semantics.

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    1. The USPTO website appears to be down at the moment, but I couldn’t find any references through google to these things being trademarked. I suspect it is Novell being overly ambitious about trademarks.

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