Eight Questions For Republicans

If you claim to be such devout Christians, why do you go to war instead of trusting God to resolve problems in Iraq and elsewhere?

If you claim to follow Jesus, why do you ignore his instructions to love one’s enemies and be peaceful rather than violent?

Since you want to spread democracy throughout the world, why do you support dictatorships in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait?

Have you forgotten that the United States armed and supported both Saddam Hussein and Ossama bin Laden at a time with their thugish, brutal nature was already known?

Have you forgotten that Ossama bin Laden originally started his terrorism as an attempt to topple a non-democratic government, and only became opposed to the United States when we supported those dictatorships?

Why then do you believe that arming and supporting other regional dictatorships is in the best long-term security interests of the United States?

Why do you believe that spending billions of dollars we don’t have to kill people that are not a threat to us and turn friendship into hatred is better for our long-term wellbeing than investing in our domestic welfare?

Why do you believe that responding to terrorism by reducing the freedom of Americans is anything other than giving the terrorists exactly what they want?

2 thoughts on “Eight Questions For Republicans

  1. Hi, saw you site from /. Guess shouldn’t have entered your blogsite.

    >If you claim to be such devout Christians, why do you go to war instead of >trusting God to resolve problems in Iraq and elsewhere?

    I’m not Christian, but am a Republican, why do you come up with silly questions reeking of anti-religious bigotry?

    Does a smart guy like not know how to spell Bin Laden’s name? And arming Bin laden? Interesting. You may not know much about middle east history, but you certainly have that pose of someone who thinks he does.

    Anyway, enjoy your cocoon of blissful ignorance.

    Regards. I’ll have to see if I can get that book for free somehow. I mean, you obviously don’t believe in Republican capitalism with the smelly diesel-powered trucks delivering books to their destination.

  2. I am a Christian (a Mennonite). The question you quoted is a serious one. The Bible preaches love. Already back in the Old Testament, one of the Ten Commandments was to “love thy neighbor.” I do not understand how it is loving to kill people, then call them “collateral damage”. Or how it is loving to kill anyone, for that matter. Why is it that people that claim to follow God do not follow Him enough to trust Him to bring peace?

    As for spelling, I do not spell check my blogging, and I rarely proofread it. I’m not perfect. Sorry.

    And yes, we did arm bin Laden. He was a rebel fighting against the Soviets. Here’s an article from the BBC that states “He received security training from the CIA itself.” Other sources have said that the US has also supplied arms.

    Also, capitalism predates both modern American parties.

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