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Thougts about the Europe visit: Water

April 4th, 2010, 57 Comments

This is probably the only real “surprising to an American” post I’ll be making, because it was the little thing that was most surprising. And that despite the fact that I had been warned: Don’t expect to get a glass of tap water at a restaurant or café; it’s an unusual request that probably won’t […]

Trip part 5: Leipzig

March 28th, 2010, 5 Comments

Note: this post written on March 19 for posting after we return. We arrived at Leipzig — surprisingly — about 5 minutes late on Wednesday morning. My friend Brad was at the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (central stration) to meet us. As we walked through the city with him, he commented that I hadn’t yet tried Currywurst, […]

Trip part 4: Berlin

March 27th, 2010, 8 Comments

Note: this post was written on March 16 and posted after our return home. Also, I took no photos in Berlin, reasoning that I could leave my camera at the hotel so as to not worry about it, since I’m sure there are enough photos of the Brandenburg Gate in the world already. Photos on […]

Trip part 3: Lübeck

March 26th, 2010, 13 Comments

Note: This post was written in March 14-15 and posted after our return. When I think about Lübeck, the first thing that strikes me is the feeling of history underfoot. It struck me most when we set foot inside the Marienkirche. I had never quite felt a wave of a feeling of stepping back in […]


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