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I’m thinking of getting a video game console system. Trouble is, I haven’t really followed the market since the days of the original Nintendo. I do own a N64, but I didn’t really research it before I bought it, and it looks pretty bad on our HDTV.

So I’m hoping someone out there can give me some advice, or some links to sites that could give me some advice. I have no idea at all where to start.

My criteria to begin with are:

  • Support for HDTV systems. Are there any widescreen (16:9) game systems or games out there? That would be ideal.
  • Not about to be end-of-lifed. I want it to be able to play new releases for awhile yet.

3 thoughts on “Video Game Consoles

  1. Hi, now for me the best buy console is Playstation 2 … huge game list and great games too.
    Now there’s Playstation 3 coming out this 2006 or maybe 2007 but the PS3 will play the PS2 game so it’s a good choice.
    Other consoles like Xbox or the new Xbox 360 doesn’t have the same game park for me, and Nintendo Game Cube is about to die.



  2. I would recommend waiting untill Playstation 3 comes out in ~April 2006, because the only other real alternative is Xbox 360. PS3 is told to have direct support for running Linux on it, as for Xbox – it is a Microsoft product and it really says it all.

  3. My personal opinion:

    • If you want a moderate number of games, almost all of which are high-quality and innovative, get a Nintendo system. Both the GameCube and the upcoming Revolution support HDTV, and some games even support progressive modes. Added bonus: the Revolution’s Internet connectivity is supposed to come with full access to every game for the older Nintendo consoles. (I don’t yet know if that will include the SNES, but I hope so.)
    • If you want an extremely high number of games, with a small handful of gems and a huge number of filler games (and I don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing), get a Playstation system. Added bonus: you only need one console to play two (or possibly three soon) generations of games. I don’t know if the Playstation 2 supports HDTV, though I know the original doesn’t.
    • If you want a box you can hack and turn into a PC as well as use for gaming, with a moderate number of moderately good games, get an Xbox.

    If you want some specific recommendations for games, let me know.

    BTW, as far as the N64 goes, it looks perfectly good for standard television, it just isn’t HD quality. Also, I’m not sure, but I think some of the later games actually support some HDTV modes; for example, Donkey Kong 64 offers an option for that, though I haven’t tried it as I don’t have an HDTV.

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