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Ice Photos

For those of you wanting to see some pictures from the recent ice storm, here you go.

The morning:


This bush sorta got short and flat:


A tree branch:


And another:


Then, at noon:


Then the snow came:


If you have trouble finding the driveway… well, good thing we’ve got reflectors.


The rental generator that kept us warmish:


More snow:


You can also see the whole set on flickr.

CNN arrives in Kansas, survives tornado and prairie fire, and gets out

A CNN crew was apparently in Kansas briefly this week. They seemed surprised to be hit by tornadoes, and then by a 5,000-acre prairie fire.

I started smelling smoke yesterday evening, went outside to investigate. I didn’t see or hear any fire. I figured some grassland must be burning again, and checked on it every couple of hours.

Turns out it was a good 30 miles away.

The funny thing is that CNN doesn’t seem to have ever filed a report from Kansas about this; they just posted a blog story.