2 thoughts on “Moore: pirate my film, please

  1. I’d swear, sometimes Michael Moore does or says things that really make me mad then he turns around and does something like this – way to go Michael!

  2. I downloaded “Fahrenheit 9/11” and watched it with my girlfriend. As far as I’m concerned, this is required viewing for every American voter. Michael was pretty upfront about his goal for this film, namely the unseating of Bush as President in the next election. Even given this slant, after seeing the film, you’d have to be an absolute fool to vote for Bush. There really are just too many facts there to ignore. So is Michael Moore a fool for saying that people should download his movie? Well, I’m planning on using the money I saved to buy tickets for my parents so they can see it – people that NEVER would have gone to the theatre otherwise. Bravo for Michael Moore on both fronts!

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