November 1st, 2008

It’s been a full day. We started with a visit to Tattered Rose antiques in Goessel. It’s one of those places that is open only a few days each year. Jacob would normally be OK with going there, but he knew he would be visiting his Uncle Peter and Aunt Katherine later in the day, and although he knew we’d go to the antique store first, he was still very displeased when the car pulled up there instead of Peter and Katherine’s place.

So we went in, and he was rather grumpy. Despite that, the owner came over and commented on him being one of the best behaved 2-year-olds that’s ever been in her store. She gave him some wood pieces painted to look like watermelon slices, and box perfect for putting them in and shaking. Meanwhile, Terah and I browsed, and wound up walking out with an old “machine table” complete with flywheel for a sewing machine, and a German wall painting thingy. Not quite sure how to describe that.

Jacob said “ready go?” many times, and so we went home, dropped off the purchases, then took him to Peter and Katherine’s place. He walked in, looked around, and made himself at home right away. “Candles – FIRE!” he exclaimed, as he saw some (unlit) candles within reach. Jacob spent the afternoon with them, and Terah and I drove up to Abilene.

We visited 4 or 5 different antique stores there. Lots of interesting things to look at, but we only wound up purchasing a wooden duck. Then dinner at the Brookville Hotel (fried chicken and excellent coleslaw), and back to pick up Jacob.

He was so excited he didn’t take a nap, or sleep at all, even though it was well past his bedtime when we got there. We heard of him getting a ride behind a bicycle in a child trailer, shoving a big ball down the stairs and then watching as it bounces down, and watching Uncle Peter dunk a roll in his soup and copying him by dunking a roll in his water glass. But Jacob was “ready go” so we went on home.

He fell asleep about a minute before we got home. He stayed asleep while his car seat was unbuckled, while he was carried inside, while his diaper and clothes were changed, while he was laid down in his crib, and even while the vacuum cleaner was run right outside his door. A sure sign he had a fun day.

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  1. Karen in Wichita

    You did, I trust, shout “DUCK!” when you found the duck?

    (And if not, you’ll have to ask Carl about that one, and then see if your duck appears in The Book Of Abilene Ducks.)


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