Jacob is Youtube’s Youngest Fan

September 16th, 2008

Ever since we got back from our train trip this summer, Jacob has loved to talk about trains. He used to call them a “toot” after the sound they make, but as his language skills improve, now he calls them “chains.”

I thought one day that he might like to look at pictures of our train trips on the computer. So I brought him over, fired up digikam, and he sat on my lap for literally half an hour looking at train photos. He’d jabber the whole time, pointing out that there were trains on the screen, whether or not they had open doors, whether people were on the train or not (“on toot!”). This from a boy that was about 21 months old at the time.

So now, when he sees me arrive home, or sees the office door, or just about anything that reminds him of trains, he’ll run over to me and say “chain? chain? CHAIN?!! CHAIN DA??!!” (“dad”) I’ve had to set limits on how many times we go over to the computer and look at train pictures in a given evening.

After a little while of this, I started to get tired of looking at the same set of photos over and over. So I went to flickr to pull up some train photos. Jacob loved this, too. One evening, I must have used slightly different search terms — maybe railroad or something. I hit the button to show the slideshow of the results, as I always do.

And here is where I forgot something — that flickr now supports short videos. Here we were, happily looking at photos of trains, and all of a sudden we see a video of a steam engine in Ireland. Jacob looked surprised, and sat perfectly still while watching it. Then when it was over, he excitedly yelled, “CHAIN GO!!” He wanted to watch the train go over and over again.

You can imagine that I tired of that before long, so I figured that I could find more trains going on youtube. Sure enough. Dozens of videos of trains. Lots of them with someone standing with a camera aimed down the tracks and then a train simply goes by. Jacob loves to here the “DING!” from the gates these people usually stand by, then the “TOOT!” from the train approaching, and then watch the “CHAIN GO!”.

That time Terah said he was sitting on my lap for 45 minutes solid.

So now Jacob wants to watch trains even more than before, and if I try to show him train pictures, it’s “chain go? chain go?”. Ah well. At least he’s found a hobby.

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  1. The Changelog

    Here are some words and phrases we’re hearing a lot lately. Along with a helpful translation guide. shop baa: Shop Vac shop baa hoesh: Shop Vac hose. We also get “see shop baa”, “shop baa on”, etc. chain: train chain veeoh: train video tune vewwo


  2. Jamie Whitehouse

    I can also recommend fire truck parades, roosters crowing, and cows mooing. There’s some great vintage Sesame Street on there too.


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