Greece part 4: Food and Shopping

November 3rd, 2011

See also parts 1, 2, and 3.

I am a person that enjoys food that’s different from what’s at home, and Rhodes didn’t disappoint. Terah and I used to live close to an excellent Greek restaurant in Indianapolis, so we were already familiar in some way with the food. But there isn’t any Greek restaurant at all in the Wichita area, so we missed it.

Our favorite restaurant on Rhodes was Kalypso of Lindos. Everything there was just excellent, starting with the saganaki, one of my favorite Greek appetizers. I had yogurt with honey there for dessert both times we visited, a surprisingly tasty desert. Like many restaurants in Lindos, Kalypso had the option of eating on the rooftop, or at ground level. We ate on the roof, which had a nice view of the Lindos Acropolis.

Being outdoors, there were sometimes cats around. This kitten enjoyed playing games with my shoestrings for awhile.

Kalypso is at a 17th century captain’s house. Here’s a view of it from the rooftop:

We, of course, had the chance to eat at quite a few different places during our visit, and I’d go on way too long if I mentioned them all. Terah particularly enjoyed the ice cream shop in the square in Rhodes. We liked our lunch at Maria’s Taverna in Lindos and enjoyed chatting with the staff there.

I recently talked about shopping in Mexico, and perhaps learned a thing or two from that. I won’t say we never buy them, but in general we don’t buy souvenirs like t-shirts, plastic things made in China, etc. We prefer to buy local. Those items tend to be higher quality, more interesting, and we like to support the local economy. We also don’t have lots of room for things, so we try to choose carefully.

So it was something of a surprise to Terah, and perhaps even to me, when I suggested we go shopping one day. Terah typically enjoys shopping a lot more than I do. Anyhow, off we went to Lindos.

One of the first things that had caught our eye in Lindos was the shop selling glass. But it wasn’t just any glass; it appeared to be made with some sort of layered process, and has a distinctly three-dimensional feel to it. As you move around, it looks like the background shifts. We wound up with this item, which was made in Athens:

By the time we visited Lindos specifically for shopping, we had a good feel for when the busy times of day were, so we could avoid them. It gave us the opportunity to visit with people — and when they weren’t busy, many shopkeepers liked to chat. I enjoy hearing people’s stories and we heard several.

One ceramics shop – the Musa Shop -caught Terah’s eye. They had such incredible and beautiful pieces outside that we just had to go in. We wound up with two pieces from there, both in shades of blue:

Both remind me of the Aegean Sea and the deep blue sky of Rhodes.

And then, as we were walking along, I pointed inside a shop and said to Terah, “Hey, those look different.” We went in, and eventually wound up buying these:

The appearance, and even feel, of them is unlike anything I’d seen. Quite interesting.

And seeing those particular items in the Lakis Place shop led to making some new friends — I’ll write about it in the next post.

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