Greece part 1: Wow

October 10th, 2011

Terah and I are just back from Rhodes Island, Greece. “Wow” is the summary of that place.

Some highlights include walking up to a 14th-century church and hearing beautiful chant through the windows, crossing a bridge across the moat to a grand gate into Rhodes built by the Knights of St. John, spotting an amateur radio in a shop and making lots of new friends, standing atop the Acropolis of Lindos and feeling the connection to the ancient, and of course swimming in the clear sea – so clear that I could see fish swimming by my feet as I stood in the water.

I’ll write about all of this yet, of course, but for now I want to thank Jon Dowland for leaving a comment on my blog post suggesting Rhodes and even the particular hotel we stayed in. Jon was right, it was great.

And for now, here’s a photo I took from our hotel room balcony, almost immediately after we arrived. A sign of great things to come, perhaps:

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  3. Jon

    Hi John – I’m surprised and delighted that you ended up visiting Rhodes in the end. Thanks for doing a great job of documenting your holiday: reading your posts has helped me to relive how much of a great time I had out there. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!


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