Party Time / Dancing Time

August 7th, 2011

This afternoon…

Jacob: “These pancakes have sprinkles in them! Parties have sprinkles. I think we are having a party! Right, mom?”

Terah: “Sure, this could be a pancake party.”

Jacob: “And all parties also have ICE CREAM! So we should have some ice cream.”

Terah: “Uh, Jacob, I’m not so–”

Jacob: “Oliver, we are having ice cream!”

Oliver: “YAY!”

It’s amazing how fast sprinkles can get out of hand.

Later that day…

I had gone downstairs, pulled out one of the wonderful old hymnbooks I have in my collection but have rarely looked at, and sat down at the piano to play a bit. Oliver came in, sat down next to me, played a few notes, and promptly got down.

Jacob came in, sat down next to me, and took over our digital piano. He set it to provide some automatic accompaniment, selected a salsa beat, then hopped down as I continued to play a 4-part Mennonite hymn in my best imitation salsa style (not so good, in case you’re wondering). Jacob happily announced, “IT’S DANCING TIME!” He then picked up a large blanket and ran around the house, reminding us every minute or so that it’s dancing time at the top of his voice, while Oliver ran around randomly yelling “AAAAAA!”, and I went for maximum dissonance by attempting to play “Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah” to a salsa beat. Meanwhile Terah was sitting on the couch looking, well, a bit stunned.

Just another quiet evening at home.

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  1. Chris Cunningham

    This brightened up my morning. It’s this sort of little window into the lives of developers who may be thousands of miles away which vindicates the decision of various Planet runners not to filter out non-technical content from feeds.

    – Chris


  2. Paul Johnson

    If you give a mouse an undistributed middle…


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