Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

November 11th, 2007

Last week ended in a rather annoying way. Apparently my car had developed a flat tire overnight one night, and I left while it was still dark the next morning, and didn’t notice it. I had driven on it all the way to work with it fairly flat, which damaged the tire (but not the wheel). So that needed to be replaced, and it was still under warranty from the place I bought them, which is 45 minutes away. We had a family gathering on Saturday, but couldn’t be there all that long because we had to get to this place before it closed.

After we got home, there was a bit of work to do out in the yard. Jacob was tired of being indoors, so I took him out with me. He came with me as I put air in our 5-gallon air tank, and watched as I used the tank to do the monthly tire inflation on our pickup. (When you paid $75 for the vehicle, fixing a tire that only has to be inflated once a month doesn’t seem all that cost-effective)

And then he got his first ride in the pickup. We were just moving around trash on the yard, and he enjoyed it. We hopped in and out several times to load or unload things. Though he was very annoyed that I didn’t let him use the stick shift while I was driving. My parents said that he sounds like his dad.

We have a bedtime routine for Jacob, and I read a book to him right before putting him to bed every night. This morning, Terah got out the book that I read to Jacob last night. I was in a different room, but Terah is quite sure she heard him say “dada read this!” That’s his first sentence (that one of us heard, anyway)

Some of you may have read that my relative Venita had a brain aneurism recently, and remarkably, seems to be recovering from it. Today in church, our pastor said, “I’m happy to report that this morning, Venita called me, asked me to thank everyone for all the prayers, and to ask the choir to sing up to heaven — and they have.” She’s still very weak, and just sitting up to eat is a struggle, but she is improving.

Terah and I had invited my two aunts that grew up in what is now our house over to help decorate for Christmas. They were here today, and we spent all afternoon decorating, and we had spent the last couple of days finding decorations. It was a fun time, and the house looks great and feels more like home. We’re happy to have had the help thinking about where to put everything, and actually putting things there. The tree isn’t up yet, but it will be soon. We’re thinking that it will be nice to be decorated early this year, rather than our usual just-before-Christmas decoration event!

It was neat to hear a few stories about how my grandma decorated the place; she died when I was young, and I don’t remember her. Jacob, of course, was in on all the action. He watched, played, and threatened to make the nativity scene quite unpeaceful, but more interesting to a 13-month-old.

The Goerzen Christmas will be here this year. The last time Goerzens celebrated Christmas in this house was 7 years ago — a month or so before I met Terah, as it happens. It seems so long ago in some ways. The house has changed; the 1970s yellow wallpaper is gone, as is the drop-ceiling tile that grandpa had installed to save on the heating bills, as is his wood stove and the metal tractors that he had in his closet that I used to play with when I was little.

But as I sit here typing this post, I’m looking at the spot where I used to play air hockey on grandpa’s table during family gatherings — and whenever else I could convince grandpa to get out his air hockey table for a game. Over in the corner is where he always had his Christmas tree, with the woven wheat ornaments my grandma had made. Terah decided that corner would be perfect for the tree, before she ever knew where it used to be.

Here’s a picture I took at that Christmas 7 years ago:

Sitting here right now, looking at all that has changed, and all that hasn’t… 7 years wasn’t that long ago after all. I’m sure this year will be the first of many happy Christmases to be celebrated in this place.

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  1. cliff

    Neat post John. It makes one wonder does it ‘just continue now’ or is this just the beginning of it all.
    It would be hard to think of life without a strong connection to the past. It makes raising up children to be well grounded very easy doesn’t it?


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