Long enough in the country?

September 4th, 2007

Perhaps this conversation is a sign that we’ve been in the country for awhile:

“Terah, if you ever drive the pickup…”

“Why would I ever do that?”

“I don’t know, but if you ever do, I just want you to know something. The reason there’s a towel connecting the brake pedal to the steering wheel…”

At this point I had to wait for her laughter to die down.

“As I was saying, the reason there’s a towel connecting the brake pedal to the steering wheel is that, unless you park facing uphill, the brake lights stay on all the time and will drain the battery.”

More laughter followed.

I didn’t even have the chance to tell her to remove the towel before she starts the truck. Oh well, guess she’ll figure it out.

On the other hand, perhaps this is a sign that we haven’t been in the country long enough:

Today as I went to lunch, I saw a long, narrow, light gray line across the door on my car. I was pretty annoyed that somebody would have pulled keys or something across it to do that. But as I got closer, I realized it was just a spider web. Terah and I park our cars a few feet apart, and every week or so there will be a spider web connecting the two of them when we go out in the morning.

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  1. terah

    I don’t even know where the keys to the truck are!


  2. Jerry

    I totally understand the brake thing. My poor old truck is falling apart one piece at a time.

    We have spiders that like to build a web on my path to my parents house. Gets me every time.


  3. cliff

    Well I had a long comment erased by using the wrong ‘string’ so I’ll do it again but shorter this time.
    1 tarp strap the brake pedal.
    2 the keys should be in the ignition on a farm.
    3 The spider was proud until his ‘captive’ car drove off.
    4 I don’t remember 4.


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