July 17th, 2007

While everyone else is excited about their iPhones and whatnot, technology isn’t leaving us country dwellers behind. Consider these two recent events:

1) The weeds growing down the middle of the road were gone for a bit. That was surely evidence that the county road maintainer has been by.

2) Word from our letter carrier that we just *may* be able to have our mailbox at our driveway. Someone wants to build across the road near us, and asked about getting a mailbox there instead of almost a mile away where ours is. Apparently if both of us want our mailboxes closer (Terah said “YES”, I’m sure), they just may consider it.

That’s right, we may need to now have only a 1/2 mile round trip to get our mail.

Back to the iPhone: we do get a signal from Cingular at our place, but I can’t help thinking “what’s the point?” I don’t really need an always-on Internet connection everywhere I go.

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