1 Year Later

June 26th, 2007

It was one year ago today that Terah and I signed the paperwork to buy grandpa’s farmstead. It’s been a busy year. We’ve had a fire that burned down three buildings, the birth of Jacob last October, moving while snow was falling, and of course living in a basement apartment for three months.

Yes, probably just as crazy as everyone said we were.

But we’re both really glad that we did it. We both really enjoy being where we are.

Last week, we noticed there were sunflowers growing where grandpa’s barn once stood. We like sunflowers. Terah first learned about Kansas sunflowers as we were driving on the day we moved to Kansas.

Anyway, here’s what the house looks like now:


And here’s what it looked like one year ago:


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  1. cliff

    You were right. You actually weren’t as crazy as we thought you were. Lovely job my friend. The place is a real keeper.
    The sunflower seeds were old ones.


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