Lots of Snow, Being Stuck, and Fun

February 13th, 2011

Those of you that watch my twitter know that we got dumped on with snow recently. The final estimate reported by local papers is 17 to 19 inches.


That’s my car. You might understand why I went home at 1PM Tuesday and worked from home the rest of the afternoon. The county didn’t get the roads opened until 5:30PM Wednesday, so we were stuck. Terah’s dad kindly opened the driveway for us though. Without that, we wouldn’t have even known where it was.


Jacob and Oliver loved playing in the snow. It was a HUGE hit for them. Both of them hated to go back inside when it was time. Oliver had trouble walking, or even standing up, but that didn’t stop him from begging for more every chance he got.


On Saturday, I took Jacob outside to play. We had in mind building a snow tunnel. We went to one of the big piles of snow left by the tractor after our driveway was cleared, and I dug out a space underneath it that Jacob could crawl through. He got a little scoop (he insisted on calling it “my shovel”) and helped dig too. He had a great time with it. He was very anxious to go inside, and it probably didn’t help his eagerness that the cats could freely walk through it long before he could. They were around and taking a great interest in the proceedings. One of then stretched out on my back while I was stretched out pulling snow out from the pile.

Finally Jacob got to go through. He had a little trouble because it wasn’t tall enough for him to crawl like he usually does (though still plenty big for him to get through with lots of room to spare), but he came out beaming. I then went and got the camera and got some photos of his second trip through.


You’d think that this might be the highlight of a 4-year-old’s snow excursion. And given his excitement, you might be very convinced of that. But you’d be wrong.

What Jacob really wanted was a snow train. So I drew some train track-sized lines in the snow with my shovel. Then I was supposed to draw a train engine. He had been planning this for hours before we even went outside, and I knew very well what was supposed to go on the engine: a snowball for a headlight. We then added passenger cars — and a coal car, because apparently that’s what you do with snow trains. And the result:


When we went inside, Terah asked Jacob about his snow experience. Jacob was very happy, until she asked him if his snow train was a real train or a drawing of a train. Then he became very sad when he said it was a drawing of a train, and decided it was not what he wanted AT ALL.

So today we went out again. This time I built a snow train that stands up, complete with snowballs for wheels. I asked him if it was right, and he kept saying, “No, I want a REAL train.” Finally I asked him what the difference between a real snow train and this one was. Apparently a real train would be on tracks, move around, make noise, and take us places. Fortunately he didn’t dwell too long when I explained I couldn’t build one of those.

And then today’s highlight was writing JACOB in the snow. He had started by drawing larger and larger J letters with his arm, and finally asked me to make one. I made footprints in the shape of a very large J, which he loved. He had me make another one, and then the rest of the letters in his name.

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