I’m dreaming of a white… Easter?

April 11th, 2007

Last Monday, the high was 78. By Thursday, the high was 35 and we got 7 inches of snow. And some of it was still on the ground by Sunday, Easter. All this after several weeks of unusually warm temperatures.

Terah and I spent all day Saturday cleaning, unpacking, and generally finishing moving in as much as possible. That’s because we invited my dad’s family over to our place for Easter dinner; our first real event we’ve hosted since moving in at the farm.

I remember going to grandpa’s place many times for Easter dinner. It was a nice tradition. Last year, the family wasn’t sure what to do; grandpa’s house was vacant, but not really in a condition suitable for having a meal either. So we had an easter picnic. Terah and I were making plans about buying the place then already, and we hoped that we’d be able to invite everyone over to celebrate Easter in a newly-renovated house by this year. I’m glad we could!

My great aunts and uncles came over a little later in the afternoon. One of them remembered sitting on the swing on the front porch when my grandma told them she had cancer. They remembered how much my grandma had wanted a larger kitchen, and how she’d be excited about what we had in the house now. It’s was nice to hear those memories and stories.

This Saturday, I plan to get out the camera and finally post the “done!” pictures of the house. It’s been quite the busy year, but we’re very happy with how it turned out.

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  1. Jim

    I’ll be waiting for those pictures. You have done wonders with that old farmhouse.
    Did you ever see my Dad’s farmhouse pictures? Once they were on my blog but since New Blogger came?


    John Goerzen Reply:

    Hi Jim,

    I must have missed them. It looks like your blog still has your archives on it. I’d love to go see those pics; do you remember about when you might have posted them?


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