Christmas Memories, Part 4

January 7th, 2007

In my other posts about Christmas, I wrote about my memories of Christmas awhile back.

In this final post, some more recent memories.

Terah and I don’t really have a Christmas tradition yet — things seem to keep changing.

Our first Christmas after being married was in Indianapolis. Our church there didn’t have a Christmas Eve service, so we went to a different one. We also bought a tree from Tree Classics that year:

The next year, we moved to Kansas. Our church has a children’s program on Christmas Eve, but Terah likes the more meditative lessons and carols service that her church used to have on Christmas Eve, so sometimes we’ve gone to a different church that evening — or even to two different services.

This year, we’re in an apartment, and we’ve got Jacob. That makes everything more fun. Here he is in a festive holidy mood:

Of course, the one thing that a festive holiday mood is sure to lead to in a 3-month-old is a not-so-festive holiday bout of fussiness.

Our tree this year is borrowed. Ours, along with all of our Christmas decorations, lights, and wrapping paper, is in storage. So some of our gifts aren’t wrapped. But that’s OK — we enjoyed Christmas all the same.

In this, my last post on Christmas for this season, I wanted to follow up on my earlier post about my Grandpa Klassen. I wrote:

Grandpa was great with the harmonica. And the song I best remember him playing at is Nun Ist Sie Erschienen. I remember sitting on his lap many times listening to him play it. And I’m pretty sure it was a year-round song for him. Terah and I even had it sung at our October wedding — if it was year-round for Grandpa, that was good enough for us. It’s always special to sing the song in church.

I was going to have a picture of Grandpa with his harmonica here, but I didn’t get it ready in time. So I’ll have to describe it. Imagine a black and white picture of a gentle man, dressed conservatively, holding a harmonica in his hands. He’s looking towards it tenderly — it seems to be something important, and maybe it represented fond memories for him, too. I’ll post the photo as soon as I get a copy of it.

Well, here’s the photo:

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  1. Jim

    John, you and Terrah make a good looking couple.
    I’m thinking that Jacob will rather go bareheaded than wear a hat or cap (or hood).


  2. cliff

    I loved this one too John. He does admire that instrument. I’ve seen that same look when my daughter gets to sit down and make a Stienway & Sons earn it’s money.
    He both loves and respects it. Do you think?


  3. John Goerzen

    Thanks again for the kind words, Cliff & Jim. You are both right on!


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