Weather in Kansas

Here’s what it’s been doing:

2 days ago: high of 69
yesterday: daytime high of 23 plus “breezy” winds at 30MPH
today: forecasted high of 26, 3-7 inches of snow, winds at 25MPH, gusting to 35MPH

Yesterday, I drove to the doctor’s office and back to work, a drive of about 15 minutes. During that time, I encountered:

  • calm
  • thunder and lightning
  • freezing rain bad enough that my windshield almost froze over in less than 5 minutes
  • calm again
  • sleet

I’ve heard people from all over the country say, “if you don’t like our weather, wait 5 minutes.”

In Kansas, we really mean it.

5 thoughts on “Weather in Kansas

  1. Hi John!

    Just a little request. Your blog is aggregated on Planet Haskell. How about talking about Haskell occasionally??


  2. It seems the hpodder package isn’t working correctly, with “Failure downloading feed; will attempt again on next update” on every feed update.

    This has been going on for quite some time, but also knew you had your hands full with much more important things! I hope your family is doing wonderful, and the house renovations look great!

    1. Allen,

      Please drop me an email. I’d like to debug this and figure out what’s going on. The output of hpodder lscasts -l and a “script” output of it running would be useful.

      — John

  3. Don’t you just enjoy this weather, John?

    Up here north of Manhattan we didn’t get any precipitation out of this storm, just a couple of sprinkles on Tuesday, less than 0.05″. It looked like Kansas City really got dumped on today. Good place for it!

    – Nate >>

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