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September 28th, 2006

Big news over here: earlier this week, our first baby was born: Jacob Simon Goerzen! He weighed in at 8 lbs, 12 oz and is doing well.

Terah was in labor most of the day, but eventually the doctor determined he was too big, so was delivered by C-section. Terah is still sore from all that, but otherwise is doing well, too. And of course we’re both trying to catch up on sleep. (Not that we really expect to be able to…)

It’s already been so wonderful to have him here. He already has a personality in some ways, and just is wonderful to be around. We’ve had a number of visitors, but the one that was extra special was when my 91-year-old grandmother stopped by and held him for awhile. Terah managed to get a photo of Jacob, me, my mom, and grandma — 4 generations.

We’ve got a lot to tell, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from both Terah and me in the next couple of days. But to start you off, I’ve got the first 5 pictures online already.

Here’s one of the earliest pictures of him. This one was in the operating room, just a couple of minutes after he was born. The nurses had done their inital check, and gave him to me. I took him over by Terah so she could look (the doctors were still finishing up the operation). One of the people in the OR took the camera and got this picture:

Make sure to click here for the rest of the pictures in this set.

Debian folks — do you see anything striking about Terah’s gown in the photo of her holding Jacob? Something oddly familiar, perhaps? Something that my brother recognized instantly — and burst out laughing — when we asked him if he “noticed anything special” about the gown? More on that later…

Sorry, Cliff, for not posting sooner. Hopefully no more bait will be necessary…

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  1. Jim

    That Jacob is a keeper!
    Congratulations Guys!
    This is a nice family group picture. I know we will be seeing a lot more of him.


  2. Jens Kubieziel

    Congratulations! I hope you’ll have a nice time with your newborn. I’ll promise that you won’t have much time for sleep from now on. ;-)

    Our kid weighed 10.2 lbs at his birth and all of the docs and nurses were astonished that is was a “natural birth”. (No caesarian).


  3. Kevin Mark

    congratulations on your child process :-)
    They don’t get any privs but they are very resource-intensive!
    And of course they have lots of storage capacity which you can load up.
    Only if their was a good way to handle garbage collection?
    Any way continued happiness for you and Terah.
    This year has brought you guys much change — for every thing there is a season < snip rest of biblical quote >
    Kev, blog lurker and member of the Debian community


  4. John Goerzen

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Yes, we’re low on sleep already. And Kevin, I liked the child process reference. My brother and I were commenting that an anticipatory I/O scheduler would be nice sometimes!


  5. cliff

    Life will never be the same…but that’s a good thing. The rewards have just begun.
    I hope Terah and Jacob are doing as well as it appears they are. A beautiful baby indeed. Later, cliff


  6. Gnux

    Greetings to you and the new mummy.
    Btw I’ve seen that : “was delivered by C-section”. It is not an Haskell one like is daddy. C could damage the brain ;DD
    Greets and Good Luck :)


  7. Mako&Mika

    Congratulations from the acetarium!


  8. 4ster

    Congratulations, John and Terah!


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