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July 15th, 2006

Terah and I realized something the other day. This table should demonstrate:

Person Relation Attends our church
Heating/Air Person Great Uncle Yes
Plumber First Cousin, Once Removed Yes
Interior Designer First Cousin, Once Removed Yes
Electrician Second Cousin Yes
Phone Company Line Installer First Cousin, Once Removed No
General contractor None Yes
General worker #1 None that we know of, but his great grandfather built the place Yes
General worker #2 None Yes
Historians Yes Yes

It seems this is typical for this sort of project around here.

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  1. Jim

    Is this chronyism or Haliburton?
    No comment on your first blog. I’m almost a pacifist.


    John Goerzen Reply:

    Well, since it’s my own money and not the public’s, it’s neither ;-)

    But really, we’ve picked people that we know will do a good job. (And in the case of the phone company, they picked us — which is another story yet to be posted) We didn’t even realize how it was shaping up for awhile.


  2. Jim

    John, I’m sure glad I stayed away from that Israel / Hisbolla terrorist dialog!
    169 Hits, wow!
    But still no comment there, although I do have an opinion. Maybe a coward’s one.
    I got called insulting names because I had been bad mouthing Pierce Marshall when he died. I still say ‘he had it come’n to him.’ Anne Nicole says that too. [June 23]


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