Week 2 (ending Jul 8)

The big news this week: the kitchen is gone and the wash house was saved!

On Monday, I went out to take the week 1 pictures and clear out some junk from the wash house.

Workers started Wednesday. We thought we’d have to tear down the wash house, but they managed to save it! It’ll make a nice outbuilding somewhere.

They pulled down the kitchen/bathroom. So things are looking very different already.

Check out the week 2 photos. Here’s a sample:

8 thoughts on “Week 2 (ending Jul 8)

  1. Excellent pictures.
    I like those sunflowers. Try planting some goldenrods. They grow ten feet high in our flower beds (Mrs. Jim doesn’t let that happen very often–she bought me one a a nice ‘wildflower’ for something, maybe Father’s Day, and they quickly got out of control the next year with a little water and fertilizer).
    Is the old car or tractor still out there? You know you will need a tractor now.
    Thanks for keeping us posted, even when you are very busy.

  2. It is German. We’re in Kansas, USA. My ancestors left German-speaking countries in the late 1700s, I believe, but maintained their native language in Ukraine and in Kansas. German didn’t start going out of usage in this area until the 1940s or so. So that paper, from the 1920s, would have been a common sight.

    Jim, there is still a tractor and old pickup out here. My dad will probably want both of them, and neither of them runs right now. But yeah, we will want a tractor, if nothing else than to pull us out of the ditch when we get stuck in the mud ;-)

  3. I truly admire you. I renovated just a smal 75 sq metres flat and I almost went crazy. This project is so huge…

    I have been looking at the pics and I love the house, I really hope you “respect” it’s flavour, there’s even some furniture I would sand and barnish and be proud of having in my own bedroom ;)

    BTW, the house is loudly asking for a hound dog and a couple of cats. I can really picture the cats by the chimney and the dog barking outside.

    Good luck!

  4. Hope that burn pile is a good distance and direction from the house…have a feeling it could get pretty big :-)

  5. John, I’ve been busy and just now caught up on your pics. What a project. You and Terah are going to love the place. Assuming the marriage survives this.

    1. (And the house!)

      The whole thought of the house getting jacked up a bit while the foundation is replaced from under it is still a little nerve-wracking.

      Thanks for the comments — we’re certainly excited about it!

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