ANT WARS Episode II: Revenge of the Raid

April 18th, 2006

Just today, in a bathroom really quite near….

I woke up this morning. I used the toilet. I flushed it. There was the satisfying sound of a toilet, well, flushing.

Then there was the very unsatisfying sound of the toilet not refilling its tank. I tried a faucet — sure enough no water. Obviously, the ants were at it again. (Read this story from yesterday for how they disrupted our water supply once before.)

So, now I have to rush out there and fix the well before I can get to work. This time, I’m going to be prepared. I found a can of insecticide, a metal file, and head out there. Sure enough, more ants had been killed in the pressure switch. I cut the power to the switch, cleaned off the metal contacts, and sprayed insecticide everywhere I could. I restored power, and there was a satisfying faint hummmm as the water pump whirred to life.

So then all I had to do was cut power again for a moment as I did a final cleaning and reassembly of the switch and headed back inside.

All was fine until this evening. I noticed somewhat low water pressure. I tried to be optimistic — “the pump’s probably kicking on right now.” But no. Once again as I flushed a toilet, the toilet tank didn’t refill.

By now I am MAD. These ants are going down. I was a few minutes late to work because of them, and now I’m going to have to go out to the well in the dark to fix them. So I again grab my tools, and this time I find the stickiest thing I can — some tape. I figure I’ll wrap it around the post the pressure switch is on, sticky side out, and trap them on their way up.

So I turn on the flashlight and head out to the well house. I open it up. And hmm — different problem this time.

The power is off entirely. The little twerps have somehow applied 20 pounds of force to the power lever and cut it out!

I’m sure there is no way that I would have forgotten to turn the power back on this morning, in my thirsty trying-not-to-be-late-for-work semi-tired daze…

All I can say is: it amazing how much water you can store up when you have two pressure tanks. Terah even ran the dishwasher today.

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  1. cliff

    You may not be old enough to know this but when something like this happens you should ask your wife, “Why did you go out and shut the power off at the pit after I had fixed the problem?”


    terah Reply:

    I’m sure Marilyn would agree with me that blaming your wife is not the best idea! :-)


    John Goerzen Reply:

    Come to think about it, you probably tossed some ant food in the wellhouse in the first place ;-)


  2. cliff

    I’ve always had this talent for starting marital disputes for other couples.


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