Update on Film Scanning

Thanks to suggestions from readers of this blog, I have ordered a Nikon Coolscan V. I’m really looking forward to it. Once I considered the volume of photos I want to scan, it really makes sense to buy such a thing myself.

3 thoughts on “Update on Film Scanning

    1. I don’t know yet. I may be using their factory software. I suspect that SANE won’t have the features such as processing the infrared ICE stream anyway. It will be annoying to have to boot into XP, but once there, I can pull the scanned files into Linux easily enough.

      1. at hamrick.com. You’d have to pay, but it is a really nice app. I’ve used it with my coolscan IV (I think yours is not supported with sane) and it works great. It has all this film profiles built-in which is great if your scanning old film (as I am).

        Good luck!

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