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August 16th, 2010

As you probably know from reading my recent blog posts, we spent a week in New York City. Despite some behavior issues from Jacob, it was a good trip. Oliver took his first unassisted step in our hotel room there. As I wrote, the boys both loved the subway.

I didn’t have as much time to go out and see things as Terah and Oliver did, but I did visit the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which was near Columbia University, as well as Grand Central Terminal. Both were impressive and worth the visit.

When we got home, Jacob stood on our porch teary-eyed and sad. He wanted to go back to New York and ride more subways. He had been all excited about the airplane ride, but it maybe hadn’t occurred to him that we were leaving New York for good, not just taking a trip within the city like on the subway. He was mopey for the rest of the day. But he spent a couple of hours spending a little time on many of his favorite activities at home — pulling out toys we hadn’t taken with us, using his favorite pillow, playing with the cats, or just soaking in being back home. I think he was happy to be home, even though he would deny it.

Saturday we had a busy day, and towards suppertime, Jacob requested a picnic. So we had a picnic. It was starting to cool off outside finally, so we ate at the picnic table on our back porch. It was fun to be outside — even the “keeping the cats off our plates” part. (I eventually let them lick the plates after we were done with them.)

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  1. Denise MacColeman

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.


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