What Are We Fighting For?

I just watched Unconstitutional. It ended with this question: what are we fighting for?

Most people would say we are fighting for our freedom. That would include our freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom from the government detaining us for no reason, freedom from our government using their power to steal our property.

Yet our response to attacks on us is to turn around and restrict many of those things we say we’re fighting for. People who are Muslims in this country have been beaten in American Federal prisons, held for nearly a year with no charges filed. People who are exercising their right to protest find themselves under FBI scrutiny.

For those of you that have not yet seen Unconstitutional, you should see it. If you are thinking it is like Fahrenheit 9/11, think again. This is not a stick-a-microphone-in-a-politician’s-face-to-make-him-look-stupid movie. This is a movie loaded with first-person interviews and actual footage of events. They interviewed a Muslim family fleeing oppression in Syria who had three family members held in terrible conditions — in Seattle — after 9/11. They showed footage of a Washington, D.C. police unit infiltrating a peaceful protest during Bush’s inauguration. The parallels to the Japanese internment camps years ago are startling.

This is something we should all be MAD about.

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