Getting Election News

Four years ago, I listened to the election returns on the BBC world service and NPR. I also had a TV on in the background and occasionally watched it, but my primary source of information was BBC. This provided an interesting perspective — and in fact, proved to be more accurate than the American media that night.

This year, I again plan to listen to the BBC world service. If you want to listen, you can go to the world service page and find traditional frequencies near you or global shortwave frequencies. Note: in North America, try the Central America, North Africa, or West Europe feeds. You can also listen live via streaming radio.

I’ll probably also listen to NPR. On the TV, I’m going to have LinkTV’s global coverage going. And probably a little but of more mainstream networks here and there.

I’ll be glad to hear some viewpoints that I haven’t already been inundated with.

Update: I forgot to mention, a great resource.

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