Tiny Laptops

I’m in the market for a small laptop. A very small laptop. And it has to be rugged.

The first one to make it to the top of my list was the iBook. Small, rugged, and good Linux support.

But then I noticed the Actius MM20. Only 2 pounds and 3/4″ thick. Wow. I’d buy it right away if it weren’t for the 20GB HDD. I’m hoping they’ll update that line soon.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Laptops

    1. If you want a very small LAPTOP with all the available bells and whistles, look into the NEW Panasonic R4 – its HOT! I’m a Surveyor & Mapper throughout the US and abroad. Small, portable, rugged and powerful are all my required features. I run CADD and high-end photography tif’s and jpg’s on the fly while I’m out in the field. These units work from helicopters, airplanes, boat, cars, ATV’s and trucks off DC>AC inverters. I’m impressed!

      1. That does look impressive. It’s the first I’ve seen that plays in the same league as the Sharp Actius. Out of curiousity, where did you buy yours? It looks like it’s somewhat rare in the US market yet.

    2. Tried to buy it from Sharp directly and it says no such product. If anyone has a good resource let me know as the HD size is not a problem. I can always buy a small USB external

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