June 7th, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, it was nice outside. Terah, Jacob, Oliver, and I went outside. I had my camera to take photos while Jacob and Oliver mostly played. We did try to pose them a bit, but the overall plan was to just take some photos of them doing their own thing.

So I wound up taking 824 photos. Hurray for digital cameras. We narrowed that down to a few of our favorites, which you can view as a slideshow. I’ll highlight few of those below.

Jacob walking down the drive way, gazing at all the beans coming up off in the distance

Hmm, Oliver, let me see too…

Running is fun!


Goerzen’s Law of Child Photography: If you attempt to get them to pose, a minimum of one boy will have a weird expression at any given time.

Also, chances are good that a cat will sneak in and also do something.

My imagined conversation for this one: “Here Oliver, this is how you use a piece of bark.” “Quiet, I’m trying to eat this grass.”

Oliver decides that grass stuck on his teeth isn’t fun

No explanation for this one.

Classic brothers. Jacob is using a piece of bark to mess around in some dirt, while Oliver quietly learns how to do it. He never said it, but I can easily imagine him saying, “Here Oliver, here’s what you do with bark: you dig up dirt like this! It’s funny!”


Guess I better watch where I point that camera…

Here kitty — get ready for some more petting… *thwack* Strangely the cat seemed to love it. Our other cat avoids Oliver.

Jacob deriving a great deal of joy from telling us that his shirt says “big SPIDER”. He came up with that joke himself and thought it was hilarious.

This is one of a few photos of Jacob wearing a suit that I once wore.

It’s hard to stand still when the hammock has a great “train whistle” on it.

I have no idea what he’s planning here. But really, I think I should be afraid.

It’s… a fridge door. Yay?

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  1. Andy Cater

    John – I follow your posts with interest on Planet Debian and also in the mailing lists. You write interesting posts there – and you have a gift for description of your life that has its own calming influence. You’re blessed in your family, your faith and your life – I can’t help feeling envious, but curiously relaxed by watching it at second hand :) Take care. Andy


    John Goerzen Reply:

    Thank you very much Andy. That’s very kind of you. Though I can guarantee you that life with 2 boys isn’t always calm ;-)


  2. Kumar Appaiah

    The photos are very nice, but I’d really request you to bump up the saturation; they’ll look even richer! :-)


    John Goerzen Reply:

    You’re right about some of them. These are not post-processed in any way. I simply took too many of them to bother. I tend not to do that unless I’m printing 8×10 or larger, and even then I print using, where optional color retouching by their staff is already included in the price.

    Really I think what you’re seeing is more a case of incorrect exposure. The lighting conditions were rather challenging. The boys were in the shade, though the background wasn’t (and in some cases parts of them weren’t). I simply had the aperture too wide on some of them. I don’t own a spot meter, and even if I did, it wouldn’t have been practical for candid shots. The Canon evaluative meter didn’t always get a consistent result frame-to-frame (I probably should have shot with spot metering or manual controls, really).

    I do sometimes like to bump up the saturation for a really colorful look. Or sometimes I, well, remove it and print on Ilford B&W paper from mpix ;-)


    Kumar Appaiah Reply:

    They look much more pleasing now. Thanks for taking note! :-)


  3. Nana

    Ahhh! I needed that!


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