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I was searching for a new electric shaver the other day and came across ConsumerSearch.Com. It’s a neat site — they consolidate reviews from other sites about devices, offer opinions about the other site’s review qualities, and give you background on devices. I was looking for two items: a shaver and a DVD player. Based in part on the info there, I’m getting a Norelco Synchro and a Panasonic DVD-S47S. I’ll post here when the items arrive and I’ve had a change to try them out.

4 thoughts on “Nice Review Site

  1. Definately take a look at the Philips DVP642 player. It’s available here in Wichita at Target for around $70, and is one of only a few DVD players that can play DivX/Xvid MPEG4 files. Basically, it has played everything I’ve shoved in it. In fact, I need to pickup another ;-)

  2. Nope, just gone to the ACLUG’s a few times in the past year. Usually an HP laptop in tow. Tried to get PPP working while you were doing your “PPP using GPRS/irDA” presentation, sat right beside you while you were giving it.

  3. You may be thinking of Jonathan; I didn’t give that presentation. I think the last one I gave was on Debian, some time ago.

    But welcome anyway :-)

    Thanks too for the DVD player recommendation. I’ve got the Panasonic on order already but it’s good to know what others are thinking of.

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