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March 10th, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some family/home updates, so here they are, sorta random-like…

Jacob is 3.5 now, and Oliver is about 8 months old at this point.


Jacob has a few trends going on lately: pretending to be a cat, and inventing new games to play. He has one game he likes to play with me called “tunnels and slippers.” He will have me sit on the couch, put my feet up on the footstool, and crawl on top of my legs. He’ll want me to bounce him, then he can crawl underneath the “tunnel.”

The slippers part came because he started to steal my slippers one time during winter. He’d struggle furiously to get it off, then shriek with delight as he ran away, listing to my indignation at having a cold foot now. Then I was supposed to run after him, pick him up in the air, and get the slipper back.

Here he is, trying to steal a slipper while I happened to be holding a camera:


He’s said quite a few memorable quotes this winter:

Dec. 8: Jacob looked outside this morning and yelled, “WOW! Look at that!”, ran across the room and yelled, “MOM! WOW! There is snow outside this window too! WOW! Snow is ALL OVER THE PLACE!”

January: When told his grandparents were going back to Indiana: “The kitty doesn’t like that.” (the pretending to be a cat thing) The next morning when he remembered they were gone: “Oh. My kitty is so very sad now.”

February: My name is kitty. Jacob Cat!”

March: “I didn’t realize the basketball could go so far!”

He’s been starting to make his first attempts at sounding out words. He’s been interested in 2- and 3-digit numbers, trying to figure out how to tell time, and asking me the German words for all sorts of things. (And showing some disappointment with my German vocabulary.)

Jacob talks about Oliver as a “sweet baby,” and is often very caring about him. Jacob wants to make sure Oliver has *plenty* of toys. Though there have been some times when Jacob has pushed Oliver over.

Here’s the Christmas photo of the two of them:


And another:


Jacob has also started to pick up an interest in singing: his favorite song is one that he made up, and it goes “Engine, engine, passenger car…”

I still sing a song to Jacob at bedtime each night, but Home On the Range doesn’t cut it anymore. No, now I have a make up a song on the spot on a topic of Jacob’s choosing each night. Last night he chose “a song about the ceiling light and the smoke detector.” Other nights, it’s been about his toy butterfly, his night light, various smoke detectors (that’s a popular one), or something from his day.



Oliver recently has started being able to sit up by himself. He can also scoot all over the room. I think he’s saying “dad”, but Terah disagrees and thinks he’s just babbling. Her case wasn’t helped the day I asked him, “Are you saying Dad?” He got a big smile after the question and laughed at me.

He loves playing peek-a-boo, playing with us — or playing by himself.

Oliver has been eating the mashed-up baby food for awhile. Terah recently gave him a rice puff, and he put it in his mouth but wasn’t sure what to do with it. He has been taking quite an interest in watching the rest of us eat, though, and sits at the table with us in his high chair.

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  1. vvill

    even better than the story of the pickup a few months ago.
    Did you ask Jacob why he pushed his brother?
    “It was the cats fault”?


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