Jacob and I Visit Wichita

November 14th, 2009

Today didn’t exactly go as planned. Terah woke up feeling sick, and by mid-morning was really wanting a nap. Not that that is likely to happen with a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old in the house. I needed to visit the WSU bookstore sometime anyhow, so I suggested I’d take Jacob to Wichita for awhile. Jacob had been talking of “seeing the trains again” for awhile, so he chose these overalls for the day:

2009-11-14 11.23.26.jpg

He wanted me to sing Home On The Range several times as we drove. We stopped at WSU first, and he enjoyed running down the wide sidewalks and trying to hide behind bushes. Then it was on to lunch at HuHot Mongolian Grill. Jacob chose his own ingredients (with some help from me). He chose fish, which noodles he wanted, and of course had some baby corn and carrots. He got a full bowl of ingredients, and of course his favorite part was watching them grill it. He polished off most of his plate, too.

2009-11-14 13.28.22.jpg

He had been talking about ice cream all day. In fact, mention Wichita to Jacob, and he’ll almost immediately say, “Shall we get some ice cream?” I wonder who he gets that from…

Terah usually takes him to Cold Stone Creamery, but we didn’t have enough time to go there. So we went to The Old Mill Tasy Shop, something of along-time local legend in downtown Wichita. Jacob enjoyed noticing that the old brick wall had holes in it while they scooped out his chocolate ice cream and my strawberry sundae. He was too busy devouring his ice cream to notice it came in a metal bowl until I pointed it out to him.

2009-11-14 14.16.43.jpg

Then it was off to the Great Plains Transportation Museum. It was a quiet afternoon in November; not the packed crowd like the last time we were there.

He went for the old Santa Fe diesel passenger locomotive first (which he insists is a “freight train”). Of course you get to go inside almost everything, and he enjoyed going inside that one, sitting on the engineer’s chair, and playing with handles and knobs.

We went in several of the cabooses, and he noticed the “train potty” in one. It’s the old open to the ground type, and if you look down inside it, you see the rocks that are underneath the caboose. Jacob thought it was very interesting that “the train potty has rocks in it.”

The museum is right next to some active freight tracks, and Jacob was very much hoping that there’d be a freight train going past. He wasn’t disappointed; we saw two, plus an airplane and a helicopter. A successful visit, I’d say.

So I didn’t really get done anything I had planned to today, but in spite of being behind on stuff, it’s a better day than I had planned. I really enjoy going off and doing things with Jacob. While we were eating lunch, I asked him if he had fun at the bookstore. “Yeah! I have fun EVERYWHERE!” What a fun perspective, huh?

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