August 4th, 2009

There’s a lot of change going on lately.

Jacob used to go to daycare twice a week, but with Terah being a full-time stay-at-home mom, that’s not happening anymore. Thursday was his last day there, and I think he and I both are going to miss it.

Jacob always got to ride with me to and from daycare in the car. We’d have conversations about all sorts of 2-year-old interests: what sort of crops were in the field, what was in the silos, how soon we’d go over the train tracks, whether the crossing guard lights would be on, how many water towers there are.

He also evolved sort of a routine. When I’d drop him off in the morning, he was usually moving slowly. He’d get to his room, and then dive into playing with some sort of toy, and completely ignore me.

When I’d come to pick him up in the afternoon, as soon as he saw me, he would come running and crash into my legs as hard as he could, giving me a sort of hug in the process. Sometimes he’d see me before I got to the door; those days, he’d stand on the other side of the glass smiling impatiently. Then, after pointing out any fans in the room, he’d run for the door. I had to let him open it. If I opened it, he’d insist that I close it again so he can open it. Then, we’d have to “check out the fish”, which consisted of him standing beside their aquarium counting them, occasionally banging on the glass or sticking his tongue out at them.


Then all of a sudden a run to the outside door and on to the car, stopping to jump off the sidewalk and making sure to walk on any yellow lines along our path. On the way home, he’d speculate about whether or not Terah would be home before us, and maybe tell me what he had for lunch at daycare.

One day they had a fire drill, and the blinking light and buzzer made quite the impression. For weeks after that, each afternoon he would tell me whether the buzzer came on and was flashing that day.

Sometimes on his way out, we’d have to stop to “check out the turtle.” They have a short gravel path through some plants, and along it is a stone shaped and painted to look like a turtle. Sometimes it would be on the ground; other times, in a dish. He’d stop and look, then say “OK”, and run off.


As for other things happening: we’ve got a 3-week-old baby in the house, so that of course creates change. One of my brothers is going off to college this month for the first time, and the other one started a job as a pastor yesterday (after having been my colleague at work doing programming for awhile).

Meanwhile, with Jacob no longer going to daycare, I’ve been able to bicycle to work more often. Which is nice, except when it’s 100F with 25MPH winds.

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  1. Christoph Haas

    Hehe, that sounds so familiar when I get home from work… “Why are you crying?” “Daddy opened the door but actually *I* wanted to open it.” “Heck, get back out already and let the kid open the door.”

    He’s way more happy when playing gcompris or “working” with tuxpaint.

    Kids… glad you are enjoying them. :)


  2. Kara

    Oh, congratulations on the new little one! And Jacob has gotten so big. I’m glad Terah can stay home with them. Give her my love!


  3. Kara

    Wow, I goofed up my url pretty badly up there.


  4. Nana

    Glad to hear the last day went well, and always glad to see updated photos of Jacob. Maybe we could see updates of the new baby????


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