July 10th, 2009

Some of you may know that Terah and I have been expecting our second child. Terah had been scheduled for a C-section, but the day before it was to happen, she woke up at 1:30AM with contractions.

We made some hurried phone calls (I was supposed to pick up her mom at the train station at 3:30AM), and went to the hospital. And Oliver Goerzen was born by about 4:15!

As the doctors were finishing up Terah’s surgery, I held Oliver for awhile. He was awake, alert, and looking around the room. He had so much fat on him (9lb 11oz) that he couldn’t help but make a scowl the whole time.

We’ve had lots of visitors, of course, but the one we were most curious about was Jacob. Terah’s mom brought him by on the same day Oliver was born. Jacob was very interested in the baby. He came over to where I was holding Oliver and took a look. He really wanted Oliver to wake up, and was disappointed that he stayed asleep the whole time. We talked with Jacob about using “gentle touches” with Oliver, and he really came through well. He felt Oliver’s hair. I suggested he might want to touch his nose. Jacob said, “I touch his TIIINY nose!” And gave it a gentle touch.


(That’s my mom holding Oliver with Jacob looking on; he had to touch Oliver’s nose several times.)

Jacob had several presents waiting for him, which he liked. He had gone to a sibling prep class, where he had taken a photo of himself and made a border for it. The photo was supposed to be in the baby’s crib, so he can “get to know” his big brother. I showed Jacob that it was there, and he seemed really proud of that.

Terah had the idea that we could take Jacob to Build-A-Bear a little while back. Jacob built a bear for himself, and another for the baby. And when he came to visit, he gave a bear to Oliver. He was very serious about it. Pretty soon, he really wanted us to put Oliver back in his crib, and we finally figured out that he wanted that to happen so he could put the bear in with Oliver.

I took Jacob to eat in the “hospital restaurant” for supper, while Terah and Oliver got to spend time with other visitors. Jacob was on pretty good behavior, though it was difficult to keep him away from all the buttons on Terah’s hospital bed.

As I was taking pictures of Jacob and Oliver, Jacob said, “Flash will wake Oliver. Need more flashes!” He was puzzled when the flash didn’t wake Oliver.

Oliver definitely has a distinct personality already, but also of course likes to eat and sleep like any newborn. He has enjoyed lying and sleeping on many laps already. Also, we will still not need to invest in a baby monitor. Like Jacob, Oliver’s cry is plenty loud to be heard just about anywhere in the house.

On day 2, Jacob came back with Terah’s mom. This time, Oliver was awake, which made Jacob happy. Jacob was particularly proud that Oliver would hold his finger. I took Jacob to lunch while Terah’s mom got a chance to hold Oliver. I’ve been trying to spend as much time with Jacob as I can, so he doesn’t feel left out. I think he feels a little left out, because Terah can’t hold him right now, but this helps.

Jacob enjoyed his hamburger and ice cream for lunch. Then we came back to the hospital and went “exploring”. We walked (or, in Jacob’s case, RAN) down some halls in a semi-purposeful manner. We walked through a walkway that connects to the clinic where our doctor’s offices are. We stopped by the clinic, where Jacob’s favorite receptionist was very happy to see him (and gave him some yogurt as a “big brother” treat). Which he managed to devour, despite just having had a large lunch. He jumped all the way back down stairs, ran back to the hospital, pausing only to point out the C, A, and R in the word “CANCER” on the Cancer Center sign.

When we got back to the room, Jacob walked in, breathless. “Go sploring again?”

We had an “I’m a big brother” sticker for Jacob today. He loves stickers, and we figured he’d proudly put it on his shirt. He took it, and seemed to ignore it for a minute. Then he said, “Put sticker on baby.” I think he wanted to give Oliver a gift.

So our two boys seem to have really gotten started on the right foot, which is great.

Meanwhile, we’ve been enjoying Oliver’s baby noises, his already expressive face — his glare at bright lights, his interest when I stick out my tongue at him.

Terah is doing reasonably well — about as well as can be expected, and a lot better than last time. Oliver is healthy too.


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  1. Kevin Mark

    congrats on the 2nd addition to your household :)


  2. Kartik Mistry

    Congrats!!! Oliver is so sweet!


  3. pete

    awesome pics. perfect for next years calender for the family ;-)


  4. Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer



  5. Andy

    Congrats! And I’m glad you guys properly prepped Jacob. :-)


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  8. Jackie Rice

    He is a cutie.


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