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June 16th, 2009

Jacob has been getting into music lately.

He really likes our digital piano (an oldish 88-key Roland model, complete with integrated floppy drive). He likes playing it a bit, but he likes experimenting with it more. It has some features where it can generate a beat or an accompanying tune in various keys, which he has throughly figured out. He also knows about the power switch, volume settings, and the like. Not bad for a 2-year-old.

The the real fun has begun since Terah got her SoundBridge Radio last week. I discovered the album 8-bit lagerfeuer (campfire), a free download on Jamendo. I played it in the kitchen on Terah’s player one evening. Jacob was doing something, and when he heard it play, he just froze. He was thrilled.

Now he’ll go over to the counter, and say “Hear 8-bit music, mom.” We’ll play it, and he’ll stand — still — listening to it, getting as close as he can. The first track is “Sad Robot”, and one of the refrains is “He’s a sad, sad robot.” The other evening, Jacob, out of the blue, said, “He a sad, sad robot, mom.”

Then I put on some orchestral music during dinner one day. One of the first albums I bought after I got a CD player was a compilation of some loud classics (Valkyries, the Anvil Chorus, 1812 Overture, etc.) Jacob loved it. His favorite part is the cymbals — every time he hears one, he’ll yell out “CRASH!” He can also usually identify violins, drums, trombone slides, and sometimes trumpets. He will request the “crash music” occasionally.

He doesn’t like quiet passages as well. At first when he heard them, he’d say, “Maybe it be louder again?” Now he knows that it WILL be louder, and he’ll comment, “It louder soon!”

The other night, we were eating dinner, talking about it. He was talking about cymbals and trombones, and I asked him what he heard now. There was a long pause, as he was picking apart a strawberry with his fingers. Then he said, “There lots of seeds in strawberry!” I guess Wagner can’t compete with dinner sometimes.

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  1. Peter Lund

    Wauw, that’s actually great music :)

    Thank you!


  2. Dave Holland

    Thanks for the pointer. I quite recently introduced my eldest to 8-bit stuff; he’s quite taken with “Bad Joke”: http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography/by/random


  3. Simon

    I can also recommend “8 Bit Operators”, an album where people remix Kraftwerk with C64s. Pure awesomeness. :-)


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